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Breathing in dust particles, mold spores or bacteria is not healthy for your lungs or body. Treat yourself to better, cleaner air from Sanitize Now LLC in Gulfport, MS. We're a certified water softener and air filter supplier of high-tech Aerus products. Whether you need a built-in air filter, a whole-home air purification system or simple hard water solutions, we're here to help. Our air filter or water softening equipment supplier will point you to the products that are right for you.

Our services include:

  • Residential air purification system
  • Residential air filters
  • Air purification systems

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    Create a healthy environment at home and at work

    No matter how often you clean your home or workspace, dust and dander will never fully go away. But now, you can get your space cleaner than ever before. Our local air filter suppliers carry top-of-the-line Aerus products that are proven to make your indoor air cleaner.

    We supply and install:

    • Air purifiers that can eliminate viruses, fungi and bacteria
    • Air filters that can trap dust particles in your air

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